second ave sports…

Has become a great full service shop for summer and winter!  Once upon a time Second Ave Sports was a smaller resale shop on the corner of 2nd Ave. and College drive, just a block up from main.  The feel of the shop and the great staff there made it a go to spot to get last years equipment and an awesome stating point to get into cycling!  

The shop has morphed to an epic statement of outdoor retailing but still holds that culture of the spot to start when looking at out door sports!  The staffs knowledge of the product that they carry and knowledge the mechanics have make it a great spot to check out when you are in need of some expertise.  

Services the offer

  • Bike rentals
  • Repairs and equipment service
  • Equipment fittings
  • Friendly Staff

Second Ave carries a fenominal line of bikes: PivotSanta Cruz, KonaYetiLinus, ScottTrekYubaFairdale.  These lines have you covered on all ends, great starts to high end shredding machines!  Some of these lines are offered as rentals as well!  Please call 970.247.4511 to find out what’s in stock.

Another very unique aspect of Second Ave Sports is their VRBO condo that they offer right above the shop!  Stay close to your favorite bike shop or if you just want to stay close to the action during big events like The Iron Horse Bicycle Classic!

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2nd Ave Sports
640 E 2nd Ave
Durango, CO 81301