“Biking hits home for me! I have always loved biking every since my training wheels came off. But, when I was younger I had gotten in trouble and had to go to work to pay back restitution. After all was taken care of, I had enough to buy a bike! I found a joy in pedaling that kept me out of trouble and gave me discipline and a sense of belonging. “ Tony Hermesman

Coaching Philosophy-

Riding bikes should be fun and creative! Within the fun, there should be a challenge. If we do not challenge ourselves we will not grow and progress. Helping cyclists from a point of compassion and understanding, biking can be a way to connect to yourself and an inner drive. Many life lessons can be learned from cycling! Much of any physical activity is 80% mental and 20% physical.

Passions and inspirations!

Photography - Cycling - Art - Psychology - Entrepreneur - Design